Communist University Spring 2021 (UPDATED timetable)

‘Coups, putsches and revolutions’

Friday April 30 – Monday May 3



7pm: Mussolini’s March on Rome – glorious myth and sordid reality
Speaker: David Broder
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10am: Hitler’s beer hall putsch – a dress rehearsal for 1933?
Speaker to be confirmed
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2pm: Louis Bonaparte’s 1851 self-coup: the army, universal suffrage and referenda
Speaker: Mike Macnair
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6pm: How the August 1917 Kornilov coup was defeated
Speaker: Kevin Bean
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10am: The August 1953 coup against Mohamad Mossadegh: the CIA’s first Middle East coup
Speaker: Yassamine Mather
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2pm: Turkey 1981 – the nature and significance of the generals’ coup
Speaker: Esen Uslu
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6pm: Left responses to the events of January 6
Speaker: Alexander Gallus
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10am: The Arab Spring and Egypt’s army coup against radical Islam
Speaker: to be confirmed
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2pm: The nature and global significance of January 6
Speaker: Daniel Lazare
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6pm: Why prime minister Jeremy Corbyn would have faced a coup and how we can defeat counterrevolution
Speaker: Jack Conrad
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