17 March 2020

Draft Programme

The CPGB’s draft third programme is made up of six distinct but logically connected sections as well as a set of draft rules for the Party. The first section outlines the main features of the epoch, the epoch of the transition from capitalism to communism. Then comes the nature of capitalism in Britain and the consequences of its development.

Section 3 outlines the immediate demands of the reforged Communist Party, the political, social and economic measures required for winning the battle for democracy and ensuring that the market and the principle of capitalist profit is subordinated to the principle of human need – the minimum programme. Such a minimum programme is, admittedly, technically feasible under capitalism. However, it can only be fully realised through the working class taking power, not only in Britain, but on a continental European scale.

From these radical foundations the character of the revolution and the position of the various classes and strata are presented. Next, again logically, comes the tasks of the CPGB in terms of the worldwide transition to communism. Here is the maximum programme.

Finally sections 6 and 7 outline the principles and organisational form of the Party; its structure, membership, democratic centralism, discipline and the commitment required of its members.

[Downloadable PDF of the programme]



1. Our Epoch

2. Capitalism in Britain

3. Immediate Demands

4. Character of the Revolution

5. Transition to Communism

6. The Communist Party

7. Draft Rules