24 May 2020


On this page you can download various marxist books, written by our members. They are ordered by author – to find their works, either for free or paid versions depending on the book, click on the name of the corresponding author.

Communist Party of Great Britain

Pamphlets published by the CPGB or its Povisionsianal Central Committee

Jack Conrad

Jack Conrad is the current chair of the PCC of Communist Party of Great Britain  and the founder editor of ‘The Leninist’, which was first published in November 1981. He has contributed numerous articles to the  ‘Weekly Worker’ and written a number of books and pamphlets.

Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis is a translator whose main area of research is the disputed legacy of ‘Second International Marxism’ and its main theoretician, Karl Kautsky. He has written many articles on this subject and translated several key German language texts from this period. He sits on the Revolutionary History Editorial Board and on the Marxists’ Internet Archive Steering Committee.

Mike Macnair

Mike Macnair is a member of the Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB and, “being an old-fashioned ex-Trot political hack”, writes on a wide range of issues. He is the author of the book Revolutionary Strategy (2008) and is currently working on a second edition.