Communist party of great britain

Who we are and what we do

Welcome to the Communist Party of Great Britain! We are a revolutionary political organisation that fights to create in Britain a genuine mass Communist Party cohered around a genuine communist programme, and for communist leadership of the workers movement in Britain, Europe and internationally. Our goal is to overthrow capitalism and build a communist society free from the exploitation and oppression that characterise all class societies.

Below is an overview of our main activities and organisations we support.


The Weekly Worker

As a polemical platform, the Weekly Worker features debate on and between the far left. The Weekly Worker is a champion of open polemic, regularly and willingly opening up its pages to those with whom some would strongly disagree – not just in extensive letters columns, but in the main body of the paper. Only through rigorous, no-holds-barred debate can ideas be tested and if necessary amended, qualified or corrected.


Communist University

The school for the thinking left, with lots of time for genuine debate and discussion. This is our annual event in August where the “Weekly Worker goes live” for a week, with speakers from all kinds of backgrounds and lively contributions and disagreements from the audience. Organised by the CPGB and Labour Party Marxists.


Labour Party Marxists

Independent marxists fighting to transform the Labour Party into an instrument for working class advance and international socialism. LPM fights for Labour to become an umbrella organisation for all trade unions, socialist groups and pro-working class partisans – a United Front of a special kind and a party of the whole working class movement led by principled and disciplined Marxists.


Hands off the People of Iran

Hands Off the People of Iran campaigns for the lifting of sanctions and against threats of war. At the same time it practises solidarity with socialist, democratic movements fighting Iran’s theocratic regime. The initiative for HOPI came from a number of Iranian exile organisations in 2005 and is now supported by groups and individuals from all over the world.


Communist Forum

The Online Communist Forum meets every Sunday and discusses politics and current events from a communist point of view in the form of a report from the Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB or a special speaker on a given subject. To listen to them you can visit our SoundCloud page or on SpotifyApple Podcasts and in any podcast app. Videos of our guest speaker ‘Special OCFs’ can be found on our YouTube channel.

Latest News

Here you can find the latest news, events, reports and content from the Communist Party of Great Britain. For more, visit the 'News from the Party' page.