28 December 2020

Online Communist Forum

The arrival of Covid-19 in March 2020 interrupted our weekly London Communist Forum meetings, which had been held regularly going back over 30 years. To enable our public presence to continue we set up the Online Communist Forum, which allows the participation of speakers and contributors from all around the world.

The Online Communist Forum meets every Sunday and discusses politics and current events from a communist point of view in the form of a report from the Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB or a special speaker on a given subject.

If you want join one of our sessions live, on Sundays at 17:00 (UK time), email us at office@cpgb.org.uk

To listen to them you can visit our SoundCloud page over at soundcloud.com/cpgb-pcc. You can also find us at SpotifyApple Podcasts and in any podcast app.

Recordings of the ‘special OCFs’ can be found on our YouTube page

For older recordings, please visit our older archive.

You can also find out about more events and meetings by the CPGB on our events page here