5 October 2020

‘The Leninist’ ban

An excerpt from ‘Crisis of leadership’, Originally published in The Leninist No.9 June 1984. Available on our archive here


(…) To conclude this article we must comment on the EC’s decision to ban The Leninist from Party bookshops and to prohibit adverts for it from appearing in Party journals. Isn’t it interesting, that when Central Books stocks every Trotskyite, pacifist, and feminist publication, even Straight Left and The New Worker, that what they feel compelled to ban, what they must prevent Party members from reading, is The Leninist. Their call that Party members should not sell or contribute to The Leninist is again marked contrast to their advice on Straight Left and their complete silence when Party members write for The New Worker or Education Today. For us the EC ban is a great complement. They know that The Leninist is the only journal that seriously exposes them ideologically and politically. They know that increasing numbers of Party members look to us not just for our ideology but for our simple inner-Party information and truth so patently lacking in official publications, and indeed the other unofficial ones including the Morning Star.

Our readers, our sympathisers and our supporters now have a duty to break the ban. You must ensure that all the Party has access to The Leninist. If Party bookshops are not allowed to take it, let us make sure that every left and progressive bookshop does… If Party members are not allowed to sell it, then give a copy away or post it on and ask for a donation… Do not let the EC get away with its censorship. Let the voice of The Leninist ring our loud and clear.



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