11 September 2021

Against reactionary anti-capitalism

Agreed at CPGB members aggregate on September 16 2001. Published in Weekly Worker 400, available on the WW archive here. A report of this aggregate is also available here


This aggregate of CPGB members condemns the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Such attacks do nothing to further the cause of the working class or oppressed nations and nationalities.

The forces of imperialism, led by the USA, are cynically exploiting the situation. There has been a “declaration of war”. The target will presumably not only be Osama bin Laden and his organisation but every ‘rogue’ state and perhaps all those forces opposing capitalism. George W. Bush and his administration are set to impose the New World Order through new war methods.

The forces of the working class and socialism cannot let this go unopposed. The Socialist Alliance has a particular responsibility to take a lead – Tony Blair has declared the UK to be the closest ally of the USA in the “war on terrorism”.

  • Oppose all imperialist wars, sanctions and bullying. The main enemy is at home.
  • Oppose all calls for increased ‘defence’ spending.
  • Oppose all moves to curb democratic freedoms and liberties. Oppose scapegoating of migrants and asylum seekers.

It is capitalism and imperialism that in the last analysis bear prime responsibility for September 11.

Only the fight for consistent democracy and socialism holds out the prospect of overcoming the poverty, injustice and alienation that lies behind such desperate and despicable acts.

There is reactionary anti-capitalism and there is progressive anti-capitalism. We stand completely against the reactionary anti-capitalism of bin Laden, Islamic fundamentalism, etc. Socialism is the positive supercession of capitalism by the global working class that builds on the progressive achievements of capitalism.

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