9 September 2022

For the IRA, against the British state!

Statement on the IRA bombing of Canary Wharf. Published in Weekly Worker 130, available on the WW archive here.


We stand unconditionally in solidarity with the IRA and Sinn Fein in their fight against British imperialism. The IRA has fought a heroic battle against the state that oppresses the working class throughout Britain and the north of Ireland.

Historically, the working class in Britain has failed to stand with this struggle against our common enemy. This has left the revolutionary nationalist struggle in the Six Counties isolated. It has faced a united bourgeois bloc with no independent intervention from the working class in this country.

The ending of the ceasefire in these circumstances does not contradict the fact that what is taking place is an imperialist-brokered peace in the context of the US-dominated new world order. In many ‘hot spots’ around the world, the negative resolution of revolutionary situations have been accompanied by flashes of violence, contradictions and temporary ‘setbacks’.

The basic solution remains the same. The working class of Ireland and the UK needs an independent revolutionary communist party of its own.

Provisional Central Committee, CPGB
February 11, 1996

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