9 September 2022

Provisional Central Committee statement

Published in Weekly Worker 133, available on the WW archive here.


The PCC condemns the subjective and opportunist manner in which the comrades in the North Herts CPGB Supporters Branch have “severed all links” with the PCC because of a difference of opinion about IRA bombs (Weekly Worker 132, February 29). This method flies in the face of the struggle for communist rapprochement and Partyism, which precisely upholds the right of comrades within the same democratic centralist organisation to fight publicly for their point of view.

Instead of running away from debate, the comrades have a communist duty to explain to us, their comrades, the error of our ways and to win us to what they consider to be the correct communist standpoint. Indeed, we owe the same duty to them. Only in this way can a mass democratic communist party be reforged.

Accordingly, the PCC challenges the North Herts comrades to a public debate on the question of the communist attitude towards IRA bombs.

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