26 May 2022

Resolution on programme

Resolution agreed at the Party membership aggregate of December 2 1995. Published alongside a report in Weekly Worker 121, available on the WW archive here.


Our organisation has always recognised the central importance of programme for the working class. In many ways, our fight as a political organisation can be characterised as one to equip the advanced elements of the class with a truly revolutionary programme. Thus, while we have looked at this question specifically many times in the past, in general much of our work practically and theoretically could be described as preparatory to the programme.

A draft programme has now been produced. While it is the work of one leading comrade, this draft was commissioned by a Party conference and drew on a year of seminars presented by other comrades.

This draft is intended to facilitate broader and deeper debate, not to finish it.

To this end, our organisation will make programme its central topic of study for the 1996 seminar series. Structurally, this series will start by examining the issue generally, from the point of view of the need for programme, its relationship to Party work, the history of programme in our movement. We will then move on to discuss the draft programme specifically.

To facilitate debate and the drawing together of communists at the highest possible level, we will also invite other organisations to present their views, in the seminars and in the paper.

This process will be an important element of the fight for communist rapprochement.

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