9 September 2022

Resolution on the IWCA

Resolution agreed at the Party membership aggregate of February 1996. Published alongside a report in Weekly Worker 132, available on the WW archive here.


1. Notwithstanding our stated reservations concerning some of the formulations in the Independent Working Class Association launch leaflet, the CPGB recognises the immediate value and future potential of an avowedly anti-social democratic, working class association.

2. Further, we recognise that in the process of participating in anti-capitalist action, the IWCA may become a site for communist rapprochement.

3. Accordingly, the CPGB will affiliate to the IWCA on the basis of the original concise founding statement of the organisation passed at the October 21 1995 meeting. The Provisional Central Committee of the CPGB will appoint a representative(s) to the IWCA co-ordinating meetings and will participate in and support the IWCA activities when and where we consider it to be appropriate.

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