19 December 2022

Resolution on the Ukraine war and unity

This resolution was unanimously agreed at the December 8 CPGB members’ aggregate and was originally published in WW1423 as part of the aggregate report, which can be found here


1. The ongoing war in Ukraine has more than a whiff of pre-World War I about it. Except, this time, with the added horrors of nuclear and other such weapons of mass destruction.

2. Nato is conducting a proxy war in Ukraine, designed firstly to achieve regime change in Moscow. Having done that the aim is to ‘encircle’ China – and through war, regional rebellion, a colour revolution, etc, bring about regime change in Beijing. Ideologically, cover for rebooting US global hegemony being provided by hypocritical claims about championing democracy and standing up for the rights of small nations.

3. Disgracefully, sections of the left are siding with Ukraine, in reality their own governments, some even calling for increased Nato arms supplies. Naturally, social imperialism excuses itself with all sorts of pseudo-socialist and democratic phrases.

4. Not that the left should defend Russia (or the Xi regime). There is nothing progressive about the FSB regime in Moscow nor its ‘special military operation’.

5. Our position is for revolutionary defeatism. The main enemy is at home.

6. Especially under today’s perilous circumstances, unity with social imperialists, seeking unity with social imperialists, excusing unity negotiations involving social imperialists is clearly unprincipled, a form of opportunism in its own right.

7. It is vital for communists to be upfront about their attitude towards the Ukraine war. Clear lines of demarcation must be drawn against social imperialism, not fudged, not postponed, not put aside temporarily.

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