24 February 2021

Revision to the Draft Programme (Crime and prison)

Agreed at a joint aggregate of CPGB and LPM members on January 23 2021. A report of the discussion of the theses was published in Weekly Worker 1332, available on the WW archive here


The following bullet points were added to section 3.17 (Crime and prison)

  • Too many people are unnecessarily in prison. A high proportion of prisoners lack basic literacy skills, have mental health issues or suffer from an alcohol or drug problem.
  • Prison should always be considered a last resort.
  • End the war on drugs. Recreational drugs should be legalised and quality standards assured. People with a dependency problem should be offered treatment not given a criminal record.


Note: These changes are to just part of the section 3.17 rather than the whole of section 3.17 of the Draft Programme. The whole text of the Crime and prison demands and the other immediate demands are available here

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