23 February 2021

Revision to the Draft Programme (Youth and education)

Agreed at a joint aggregate of CPGB and LPM members on December 13 2020.


Old version of section 3.14

Abolish age-of-consent laws. We recognise the right of individuals to enter into the sexual
relations they choose, provided this does not conflict with the rights of others. Alternative
legislation to protect children from sexual abuse.
The extensive provision of education and counselling facilities on all sexual matters, free
from moralistic judgement, is an essential prerequisite to enable youth to develop themselves
in all areas of sexuality and reproduction.

Agreed new version of section 3.14

Young people are entitled to develop their sexual lives free from parental, police or religious control. We favour legislation which protects children and young people from sexual exploitation by those who are substantially older than them, especially by those in authority over them. We defend contraception services which are free and confidential. We fight for extensive provision of education, counselling and advice on all matters relating to sexuality and reproduction.


Note: These changes are to just part of the section 3.14 rather than the whole of section 3.14 of the Draft Programme. The whole text of the Youth and education demands and the other immediate demands are available here

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