Communist University Winter 2021 – videos now available on our YouTube channel

Session 1 – ‘The crisis in the United States and Prospects for the Left’ with Donald Parkinson from Cosmonaut magazine

Session 2 – ‘System and hegemons – can relative decline be reversed?’ with Hillel Ticktin
from Critique magazine

Session 3 – ‘The continuing ethnic cleansing of Palestine’ with Author and Historian Ilan Pappé

Session 4 – ‘The bankruptcy of left Labourism’ with Jack Conrad of the CPGB

Session 5 – ‘The Middle East after the US elections’ with socialist activists Moshé Machover and Yassamine Mather

Session 6 – ‘Party and programme’ with Mike Macnair of the CPGB

Session 7 – ‘China and the west – crossroads of civilisation’ with Peter Nolan, Founding Director of the University of Cambridge Centre of Development Studies and the Director of Jesus College’s China Centre