18 September 2020

Reforging the CPGB (1981-present)


A collection of articles from The Leninist and Weekly Worker that mark major chapters in the fight to reforge the Communist Party of Great Britain. Ranging from the factional struggle of the Leninists of the ‘official’ CPGB to save it from liquidation, to the fight to rebuild a genuinely Leninist organisation that mobilises the most advanced section of the proletarian class – one which deserves to be called a ‘Communist Party’.

Founding statement of The Leninist

Originally published in The Leninist No.1 Winter 1981/82

Leninists in Conference

Report of the First Conference of Supporters of The Leninist by Richard Hardy in The Leninist No.7 April 1984.  The Conference directly counterpoised itself both politically and practically with the lquidationist 38th Congress of the CPGB, ruled by the Eurocommunist Party hijackers.  The First Conference also announced loud and clear that only a Leninist challenge to the Eurocommunist liquidators could save the Party. Richard Hardy The Leninist No.7 April 1984

The Leninist‘ ban

An excerpt from ‘Crisis of leadership’ (The Leninist No.9 June 1984) which comments on the recent ban order by the CPGB’s Executive Committee (EC), prohibiting the papers sale in Party bookshops as well as its advertisement in Party journals. This clear act of censorship showed the fear of the liquidationist EC towards open discussion and the ideological warfare put forward by The Leninist in its attempt to save the Party. An excerpt from ‘Crisis of leadership’, Roger Freeman The Leninist No.9 June 1984

To the utmost of our strength

Report of the Second Conference of Supporters of The Leninist by Peter Butler in The Leninist No.12 September 1984. The financial strategy agreed at this Conference proved to be a major turning point for the paper and the organisation to follow, ‘The Summer Offensive’ first run in 1985, as been completed every year since (except for 2020 due to Covid-19) and has acted not only as a money raising exercise but also as an essential part of creating and sustaining a disciplined cadre needed for a truly Leninist Communist Party. Peter Butler The Leninist No.12 September 1984

How they try to ban The Leninist

In December 1984 The Leninist printed an exchange of letters between them, Morning Star Chief Executive Mary Rosser and CPGB General Secretary Nina Temple. Once again Temple and the Euro EC were attempting to censor The Leninist, this time in the advert section of the Morning Star. Originally published in the letters section of The Leninist No.15 December 1984

CPGB Lives

On November 22-24th 1991 the 48th and final Congress of the ‘Official’ CPGB took place. For general Secretary Nina Temple, her gang of Euro liquidators, the bourgeoisie and its media it was the final nail in the coffin; however the Leninists and their provisional central committee this was far from the end of the struggle to reforge the CPGB on a truly Bolshevik foundation to take on a capitalism facing permanent crisis. In a rival press conference to the Congress – comrade Anne Murphy of the Leninists proudly Proclaimed that the CPGB lives! Originally published in The Leninist No.113 December 4 1991

Programme for the class

In January 2011 – after four years of debate and discussion – a Special Conference of the CPGB agreed an amended and revised draft third programme in order to update it to for the 21st century. Originally published in Weekly Worker No.850 January 27 2011