All CU Spring 2021 videos now on YouTube

All of the videos from our recent Communist University Spring 2021 – as well as those of previous schools and recordings of our Special OCFs – are available on the CPGB YouTube channel

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‘Hitler’s beer hall putsch – a dress rehearsal for 1933?’

Speaker – Kevin Bean


‘The Kornilov adventure: causes, courses and consequences’

Speaker – Lars T Lih


‘Left responses to the events of January 6’

Speaker – Alexander Gallus


‘The August 1953 coup against Mohamad Mossadegh: The CIA’s first Middle East coup’

Speaker – Yassamine Mather


The Egyptian coup d’état of July 3 2013

Speaker – Joel Beinin


‘Turkey 1980 – the nature and significance of the generals’ coup’

Speaker – Esen Uslu


‘Louis Bonaparte’s 1851 self-coup: the army, universal suffrage and referenda’

Speaker – Mike Macnair


‘The nature and global significance of January 6’

Speaker – Daniel Lazare


‘Why prime minister Jeremy Corbyn would have faced a coup and how we can defeat counterrevolution’

Speaker – Jack Conrad