9 February 2021

The Leninist archive (page 2)

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The Leninist no.11

Published August 1984

  • WE NEED Workers’ Defence Corps Richard Hardy
  • For A General Strike The Editor
  • Letters (First Time Buyer; Criticism and Praise; RCG)
  • July’s CPGB Executive Committee Meeting – MYOPIC LIQUIDATIONISM Roger Freeman
  • World War III: The danger of it and how to stop it (Supplement) James Marshall
  • Proletarian Internationalism and the Question of POLISH COAL William Hughes
  • The Teachers: HARD LESSONS Tony Coughlin & Dave Curtis
  • Reviews (Councils of Action; Communist Women)
  • Women’s Support Committees – WOMEN STRIKE BACK Rebecca Sachs

The Leninist no.12

Published September 1984

  • With or Without the TUC – GENERAL STRIKE Jack Conrad
  • The 1,000 signatures The Editor
  • Letters (RCP Neglect the Miners; Trotsky Again; With the Miners; Polish Coal; British Coal)
  • Notts Strike Leader Talks to The Leninist (Interview) Paul Whetton, Secretary of the NUM Strike Committee, Notts
  • Communists, Classes, and Alliances (Supplement) John mann
  • The Morning Star debates women: Break the Feminist Stranglehold Geraldine Duffy
  • Second Conference of the Leninists of the CPGB – To the Utmost of Our Strength Peter Butler (An excerpt is available in text format here as part of our ‘Reforging the CPGB’ series)
  • Reviews (Straight left‘s Phoney pro-Partyism; Petrograd Armed)
  • Miners’ Support Committees: Into Action Bill Kernan

The Leninist no.13

Published October 1984

  • Organise the Militant Minority – HIT BACK WITH THE MINERS  Jack Conrad
  • Ireland and the Miners The Editor
  • Letters (Party Crisis; Ireland; Polish Coal?; RCG Again; Contempt)
  • Jack Collins on the TUC, Solidarity, and Solidarnosc (Interview) Jack Collins, CPGB member and Secretary of Kent NUM
  • Polish Coal – Why Does Jaruzelski Scab? William Hughes
  • Ireland [Part I] (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • September’s EC meeting and the crisis of the CPGB – While the Miners Strike… David Sherriff
  • Violence and the Miners – By Any Means Necessary Alec Long
  • Reviews (Opening Up the Debate; Fleabitten Myant)
  • Labour and the Miners’ Strike – Where Does Their Loyalty Lie? Ralph Hall

The Leninist no.14

Published November 1984

  • Rebuff the Tory winter offensive Paul Fleming
  • The Special General Meeting The Editor
  • Letters (Feminism; Press Release; RCG Again; Laboured Dialectics)
  • Pitt on the  Strike, Polish coal and Ireland (Interview) Malcolm Pitt, President of Kent NUM
  • Ireland [Part II] (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • A lesson of October Jack Conrad
  • The Brighton Bombing (Statement)
  • London’s district Proconsul (Statement)
  • Feminism and the Communist Future Geraldine Duffy
  • Reviews (The Ireland Question; Big Lessons)
  • POLISH COAL – Why the Silence? Alec Long

The Leninist no.15

Published December 1984

  • Ramsey MacKinnock and Judas Willis – DUMP THEM Jack Conrad
  • Letters (How they try to ban THE LENINIST; Scottish Question; Polish Coal; No-Go) (The first letter is available in text format here as part of our ‘Reforging the CPGB’ series)
  • Sinn Fein offers its total support to the miners – “We’ve had similar struggles struggles” (Interview) Gerry Maclochlainn, former republican prisoner and press officer for Sinn Fein in Britain
  • Ireland [Part III] (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • The PCF in Crisis James Marshall
  • The YCL – Beyond Redemption? Chris Kincaid
  • Reviews (“All out brothers, (and sisters)”; Under the shadow of the 20th Congress)
  • Grenada – Fake Gem John Miller

The Leninist no.16

Published January 1985

  • Victory for the Miners – By Any Means Necessary Jack Conrad
  • Looking back, looking forward The Editor
  • Letters (Mistaken Liquidationism; Brighton Bomb; General Strike; Tragic)
  • London District Congress – A rising tide of revolt
  • Fighting for the Future (Interview) Jean Davis, NUM striker and treasurer of the Women’s Support Group in Deal, Kent
  • THE MINERS’ STRIKE – From the Jaws of Defeat (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • Marxism and the Church – The Unholy Alliance Geraldine Duffy
  • The Morning Star Crisis – The rift becomes unbridgeable John Mann
  • Reviews (Class Politics; The Kent Way)
  • A Missed Opportunity Alec Long

The Leninist no.17

Published February 1985

  • NO SURRENDER Jack Conrad
  • Special Congress The Editor
  • Letters (Scottish Question; Ode to Jimmy Judas Reid; First Footing; A New CP; Real Fight; Hunger Strike)
  • Intransigent and still fighting (Interview) Jack Collins, CPGB member and Secretary of Kent NUM
  • Kent women: organising and fighting (Interview) Mari Collins; Margaret Densham; Kay sutcliffe – all leading activists Kent Women Against Pit Closures
  • The world debt crisis John mann
  • Which Road? Peter Butler
  • Militant and the miners Ian Mahoney
  • Militant’s Merseyside
  • Reviews (Our Fighting Ancestors; Feminism vs Revolution)
  • With or Without the TUC – GENERAL STRIKE Alec Long

The Leninist no.18

Published March 1985

  • One year of the miners’ strike – FIGHTING TO WIN Jack Conrad
  • Prepare for a general strike (Statement) Jack Collins, CPGB member and Secretary of Kent NUM
  • London Communists Rebel The Editor
  • Letters (Irish Advisory; Press Release; Nothing to Hide)
  • No compromise (Interview) Paul Whetton, Secretary of Notts rank and file striking miners
  • Which Way Forward? (Interview) Jack Collins, CPGB member and Secretary of Kent NUM
  • Women Take Sides Geraldine Duffy
  • Strip searching is torture Ian Mahoney and Geraldine Duffy
    • Eleanor the Fenian
  • There’s a party crisis – it’s official David Sherriff
    • No excuse for scabbing
  • Reviews (Spanish steps; Amazing ignorance)
  • Organising for action? John Miller

The Leninist no.19

Published April 1985

  • On to the Miners’ Militant Movement Jack Conrad
  • After Chernenko The Editor
  • Letters (Reservations; The Sword of Damocles; Small Alliance)
  • From the muzzle of an AK47 (Interview) David Kitson, former prisoner of Apartheid
  • THE YCL – Euro Wreckers Chris Kincaid
    • Resolutions
  • The crisis in the CPGB – Which way for communists? Jack Conrad
  • “Eurocommunism” – A brief survey Peter Butler
  • Popular Fronts John mann
  • Reviews (The militants organised; Principle above discipline)
  • Of druids, charity, and condolences  Mike Bourne and Ian Mahoney

The Leninist no.20

Published May 1985

  • MINERS OUT OF JAIL (statement)
  • Summer Campaign The Editor
  • Letters (Trotskyism; Stalin; Tony’s Labourphilia; The Best; Minority Movement; The Best Reply; YCLer; Straight Left Recruit; Join the NCP?; Lifelong Socialist; Socialist Organiser; Good God; Denmark)
  • THE MINERS STRIKE AND VIOLENCE – Preparing for Power Alec Long
    • No rifles and bayonets
  • The Hit Squads – Heroism and Limitations (Interview) …. ….
  • A Promising Start Ian Mahoney
  • Which Way Forward? (Interview) Neil Harrop, NUM
  • A defeat: but not a strategic one (Supplement) Member of the Editorial Board
  • THE YCL CONGRESS – Our Future? Chris Kincaid
    • The Banned Resolution
  • The Communist Party – SHOULD WE SPLIT? John mann
  • A sorry tale of failure John Chamberlain, former NCP National Organiser
  • Two Sides of Straight Left John Miller
  • Defending the Oppressed Ian Mahoney
  • Reviews (By Your Friends…; New Tasks, New Goals)
  • Towards the 39th Congress Jack Conrad
    • Chater’s Ally Pally Rally

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