6 March 2021

The Leninist archive (page 3)

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The Leninist no.21

Published June 1985

  • Free the class war prisoners Jack Conrad
  • The 1985 AGM of the Peoples Press Printing Society (Statement)
  • On Democratic centralism –  once again The Editor
  • Letters (Welsh stereotypes; Good luck; Mr Angry 1; Mr Angry 2; World Carve-up; NCP; Factional Temple; Back the Star)
  • THE 39th CONGRESS – WHAT NEXT? David Sherriff
  • What is Thatcherism? John mann
  • ‘Reaganism’ and the CPUSA
  • The British Road to Socialism? John mann
  • Turkey and the world revolution (Supplement) William Hughes
    • The CPT(İS): Our Tasks (Interview) Veli Dursun, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey (İşçinin Sesi)
    • Communists in Turkey have their 5th Congress 
  • The teachers’ dispute – A militant education Tony Coughlin and Dave Curtis
  • The PCE: the Euros fall out José Montiel
    • The cancer of Eurocommunism
  • Reviews (A new challenge; The truth about Gramsci; O’Riordan’s mud flies; A new Iskra?; Death in Albania)
  • The fight against ratecapping – The Labourite left collapses John Miller

The Leninist no.22

Published July 1985

  • The Newham 7 – A FIGHT FOR ALL WORKERS
  • The PPPS AGM The Editor
  • Letters (Quitting; Gays; Socialist Ignorance; Anarcho-Stalinists; Ravden of the Yard; Mr Angry – again; Cheap Sneer; Euro Vote?)
  • Rank and file organise (Interview) Darren Moore, Vice-chair of the National Rank and File Miners’ Movement and editor of its paper, Rank and File Miner
  • An acid test for the workers Jack Conrad
    • Lessons of the 1920s
  • Problems of success Paul Mallory
    • Censorship
  • The Third Conference of the Leninists of the CPGB – DEBATES, RESOLUTIONS AND SUBSEQUENT DECISIONS (Supplement) Jack Conrad (available in text format here as part of our ‘Reforging the CPGB’ series)
  • A rising tide of anger Steve Jardine
  • [pages 12 and 13 are missing from the archive]
  • Reviews (NUM Rules; One step back; Two steps back; Quite wrong Mr Walker; Star Lovers)

The Leninist no.23

Published August 1985

  • Kinnock is no answer Jack Conrad
  • “Thieves and splitters”?
  • Defend our Party The Editor
  • Letters (Summer school 1; Summer school 2; Summer school 3; Split the LP; PPPS confusion; Amazed; The ABC’s; News from Notts; Weekly alternative; Clydeside clown; Freedom and necessity; Sound approach)
    • A new British right?
    • NUSS No.2 – Deja Vu?
  • The Crisis in the CPGB – FOR OUR PARTY (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • Class war prisoners in Turkey – The fightback (Interview) ‘MD’, member of the Communist Party of Turkey (İşçinin Sesi)
    • Lies, damned lies and…
  • Reviews (Third Volume; Armed ‘n’ Ready; Leninism; Flawed and floored; Noble Platitudes)
  • The Iran/Iraq War – No Proxy War Alec Long

The Leninist no.24

Published October 1985

  • Real sanctions are workers’ sanctions -STRIKE AGAINST APARTHEID Jack Conrad
  • Handsworth and Brixton The Editor
  • Letters (Sexuality; Class against class; Communist ban; Terrorism; Tory terrorists; Pure sect; Floating alliance; Militant)
  • CHATER’S TITANIC David Sherriff
    • The Life of Brian… Straight Left letter July ’85 Brian Topping, former Full-time District Secretary, Northern District, Communist Party of Great Britain
  • British Berufsverbot Bob Archer
  • Third NRFMM Conference
  • Notts rank and file miner (Interview) Miner and new recruit to the CPGB
  • Crisis in South Africa: [Part 1] THE THUNDER OF REVOLUTION (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • Back in the USSR John Bell
  • Calling up the Reserves Geraldine Duffy
  • Women Against Pit Closures Joanna Leven
  • Reviews (State and disillusion; Euro Turn; Bent Left; Star Wars; Destiny; The Rambo retch)
  • Attention! This is Worker’s Voice Alec Long

The Leninist no.25

Published November 1985

  • JACK COLLINS SPEAKS OUT – ‘Stand up and fight for them’ Jack Collins
  • Don’t Boycott 7 Days The Editor
  • Letters (Chaters Titanic; Get out; Congratulations; Non-SWP non-Euro; Get Together; South Africa; RCP; Free Scotland; CND; Ireland)
  • Holding the line (Interview) Paul Whetton
  • Notts after the UDM – Break the breakaway Mike Burgess
  • PETE GATES – Class War Prisoner (Interview) Pete Gates
  • Crisis in South Africa: [Part 2] THE WINGS OF REVOLUTION (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • Handsworth, Brixton, Tottenham… Alan Merrik
  • Kinnock’s Toadies – Can the Labour Party ever change? Geraldine Duffy
  • Reviews (Nation and class; Hall on Reagan; Charity do-gooders; Bleak warning; Pretty vacant)

The Leninist no.26

Published December/January 1985/6

  • 1985 The Editor
  • Letters (Internationalism; Australia; South Africa; Ex-Bennite; Ex-Euro; Ex-RCPer; Land of the free; South africa 2; Albania; Poland; WRP)
  • THE WRP school of lies and falsification Alec Long
  • Open letter David Sherriff
  • Crisis in South Africa: [Part 3] SOLIDARITY WITH THE REVOLUTION (Supplement) Jack Conrad
  • Charity goes pop – It’s only rock ‘n’ roll Ian Mahoney
  • The Jesus Myth Geraldine Duffy
  • Reviews (Law and Disorder; Centrist Hero; Leninist Origins; State Racism)
  • The London-Dublin Accord – Ireland will win Ian Mahoney and Kevin Sheahan

The Leninist no.27

Published February 1986

  • Taking sides Jack Conrad
  • A Wapping case for action
  • Fortnightly The Editor
  • Letters (Many questions; Militant NCP; Co-proprietors; A letter from an American convict to President Reagan; Kent miners march; WRPs; Style and tone)
  • ANARCHY Alan Merrik
  • Dumping the AES – Right Economics Brian Curran
  • Why is Turkey so important? (Supplement)
    • Why not anywhere? Alec Long
    • PASSAGE TO TURKEY Martin Evans
    • Communist Party of Turkey (İşçinin Sesi) – Prepare for war Alec Long
  • Fighting fascism and racism – Union Jack jackboot Hilary Fitzgerald and Alan Merrik
  • The Gorbachev edition Jack Conrad
  • Reviews (Soldier, soldier; Which road?; Marxist regimes?; Damning facts; Alan Bush)

The Leninist no.28

Published March 1986

  • Turn the tables on the press barons – BRING OUT FLEET STREET Jack Conrad
  • Class justice The Editor
  • Letters (Investment; Fortnightly; Building Fund; Fortress Wapping; USSR 1; USSR 2; Broken Reed; Bloody Sunday; Turkish Embassy Picket; Strip searching)
  • WAPPING – Lessons of the Great Strike Jack Conrad
  • PARTY PIECES (London; Yesterday’s revisionism; Visits)
  • COMMUNIST Meetings and matters
  • WHAT IS THE AES? And why they want to dump it (Supplement) Brian Curran
  • Solidarność comes clean Ian Mahoney
  • POWER TO THE PEOPLE? Alan Merrik
  • Reviews (From the frontline; Blood from a stone; Bad communist; Leadership challenge; Love her?)
  • South Africa – People’s sanctions and workers’ sanctions Ian Mahoney
    • Voice of revolution

The Leninist no.29

Published April 1986

  • Fight the US wardrive – DEFEND THE USSR Jack Conrad
  • Wedding bells The Editor
  • Letters (Good work; Factionalism; Let’s get serious; Gorbachev’s report I; Gorbachev’s report II; Socialist pacifism; Stalin; What God could bless America? – Mammon!; Scotland; Free Aydan bulutgil)
  • PARTY PIECES (YCL; Scapegoats; Charming)
  • COMMUNIST Meetings and matters (Executive Committee; London District Congress; Communist Campaign Group plans)
  • Questions of the revolution in South Africa (Supplement)
    • From ungovernability to revolution Alan Merrik
    • Interview with David Kitson (Interview) David Kitson
    • Umsebenzi
    • A great leader, A great man, A great sorrow (Obituary) 
  • Red Ken’s GLC Ashley West
  • For a soviet Britain Ian Mahoney
  • Grand old Dukes of Wapping
  • Reviews (Afghanistan and Amin; Draft nonsense; In MacLean’s footsteps?; No alternative)
  • Support Connolly, support the IRA Geraldine Duffy

The Leninist no.30

Published May 1 1986

  • Some thoughts for May Day The Editor
  • Letters (Wardrive; Looking forward; Congratulations; Thug Murdoch; Rantings; Strip searching; Peace)
  • PARTY PIECES (Wapping scabs; Tabloid – why the wait?; Communist – Straight Leftists hard front)
  • Before and after 1926 Alec Long
  • Reviews (Flawed Epic; Factional Sheet)
  • Bring out the Fleet Jack Conrad

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