4 February 2021

The Leninist archive

The Leninist was a factional publication in the ‘official’ Communist Party of Great Britain, published from 1981 until 1992, and the predecessor both to today’s CPGB and the Weekly Worker (https://weeklyworker.co.uk). Its purpose was to carry on an open polemical struggle against the opportunists who ultimately liquidated the official party, and reforge the CPGB as a principled Marxist organisation.

The politics of our organisation have evolved considerably since 1981, but were formed by the struggles of that decade. We republish the full run of The Leninist below – warts and all – as a historical record of those times, and our role in them.

A brief history of The Leninist can be found in ‘Before this, there was that’, by the journal’s co-founder Jack Conrad.

A copy of The Leninist archive is also available on the Marxist Internet Archive (here)


The Leninist no. 1

Published in December 1981

  • Founding Statement of The Leninist (Available in text format here as part of our ‘Reforging the CPGB’ series)
  • The Road from Thatcherism; or the road from Marxism? Frank Grafton
  • Ireland & the Opportunists James Marshall
  • What’s happening in Poland Gus Hall

The Leninist no. 2

Published in Spring 1982

  • After the Congress Editorial statement
  • The Polish Crisis, The Role of Imperialism, and the Fight for Proletarian Internationalism James Marshall
  • The Paradox of Afghanistan James Marshall
  • The Economic Crisis and its PoliticalEffects in Britain (Part One) Frank Grafton
  • Liberation and the Class Struggle: The Real Link for Women Liz Calvert
  • The Labour Party A Force for Revolution or Reaction? (Review) Michael McGeehan
  • The Irish Working Class: Past and Future (Review) John Kelly
  • Austrian Lessons (Review) Roger Freeman
  • Letters

The Leninist no. 3

Published September 1982

  • A Call to All Communists Editorial Statement
  • The Economic Crisis and its Political Effects in Britain (Part Two) Frank Grafton
  • Should We Stand in Elections? James Marshall
  • Lessons of the Falklands War Bill Cobban
  • From Millerandism to Mitterandism Le Communiste (with an introduction by Michael McGeehan)
  • Women’s Freedom and Sweet Revolution (Review) Liz Calvert
  • Whose Revolution in Ethiopia? (Review) Joseph Wright
  • Letters

The Leninist no. 4

Published April 1983

  • The Party Crisis and the ‘Morning Star’ Crunch Editorial Statement
  • Some Thoughts on the British Road to Socialism James Marshall
  • The General Crisis and the World Balance of Forces Frank Grafton
  • Answering the Call The Workers Party and Proletarian
  • Revolution in Turkey Ayla Antepli
  • Poland: After the Brink Roger Freeman
  • A Survey of the Party Michael McGeehan
  • Letters

The Leninist no. 5

Published August 1983

  • Open the Fight Against Liquidationism on All Fronts Editorial Statement
  • Letter to Comrade Chater Appendix I
  • Preparing for Congress Appendix II
  • Britain: Before and After the Election James Marshall
  • The Crisis of the ‘Morning Star’ and the Communist Party Frank Grafton
  • The Struggle Against Unemployment Michael McGeehan
  • Letters

The Leninist no. 6

Published January  1984

  • The Fight for the Party has Only Just Begun Editorial Statement
  • The Crisis of Capitalism in Turkey and the Differences in the Communist Party William Hughes
  • On Democratic Centralism Rebecca Sachs
  • The ‘Charlie Woods’ pamphlet and the Hypocrisy of Straight Leftism James Marshall
  • Letters


The Leninist no. 7

Published April 1984

  • Comrades Rebel! Roger Freeman
  • Editorial
  • Letters
  • Leninists in Conference Richard Hardy (Available in text format here as part of our ‘Reforging the CPGB’ series)
  • A Tale of Tree Funds William Hughes
  • Reforge our Party James Marshall
  • Grenada: The Flaw in the Jewel Michael McGeehan
  • “Questro” and the Crisis of Straight Leftism (Review) James Marshall
  • Workers’ Self Defence (Review) Richard Hardy
  • Women Take Sides (Review) Rebecca Sachs
  • Pacifism or Revolution Frank Grafton

The Leninist no. 8

Published May 1984

  • The Miners’ Fight Is A Fight For All Workers May Day Statement
  • Editorial
  • Letters
  • The Miners and the Three Cardinal Sins of Opportunism James Marshall
  • Hot up the Rebellion in the CPGB Roger Freeman
  • Workers’ Militias (Supplement) Richard Hardy
  • The YCL: the failure of Eurocommunism Rebecca Sachs
  • Grenada: A Revolution on Trial Michael McGeehan
  • The Poverty of the ‘New’ Communist Party (Review) James Marshall
  • The Roots of Liquidationism (Review) Frank Grafton
  • For a Genuine Communist Paper Frank Grafton

The Leninist no. 9

Published June 1984

  • Strike Back with the Miners James Marshall
  • Editorial
  • Letters
  • A Crisis of Leadership Roger Freeman (An excerpt is available in text format here as part of our ‘Reforging the CPGB’ series)
  • The backward March of Eurocommunsim Michael McGeehan
  • Past Possibilities and Future Prospects (Supplement) James Marshall
  • Open Ideological Discussion Richard Hardy
  • EEC Elections Editorial Statement
  • Bowing to Anti-imperialist Spontaneity (Review) Frank Grafton
  • What Should be the Role of the ‘Morning Star’ Frank Grafton

The Leninist no. 10

Published July 1984

  • Beat the Tory War of Attrition with the United Workers’ Offensive James Marshall
  • The Mines: ‘Our’ Industry Frank Grafton
  • Bettaney: The More the Better William Hughes
  • Merseyside CP: Less Militant than Militant Tony Coughlin
  • 1939 – a critique  (Supplement) Richard Hardy
  • Turkey Solidarity Chris Stevenson
  • The RCP: Prepared to Defend Workers’ Power? James Marshall
  • The Morning Star: Break the Stalemate Frank Grafton

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