18 September 2020

Theses & Resolutions

Below you can find a collection of the theses and resolutions passed by the CPGB membership at its past AGMs and aggregates.

Attitude towards the current (Corbyn) Labour leadership

Agreed at a joint aggregate of CPGB and LPM members in May 2019.

Thesis on the 2017 general election and after

Agreed at a joint aggregate of CPGB and LPM members on June 25 2017. Reported in Weekly Worker 1161.

Prospects of a Corbyn government

Endorsed by the December 3 2017 joint aggregate of CPGB and Labour Party Marxists. Published in Weekly Worker 1182.

Statement on the General election result (2017)

The Provisional Central Committee issued the following statement on the June 8 poll

Final resolution

Adopted by the May 7, 2017 CPGB aggregate meeting. Published in Weekly Worker 1154.

Why we boycotted the EU referendum

CPGB statement, February 2016

Theses on the Labour Party (2010)

In the light of the revival of the Labour left, we reproduce a motion agreed at a CPGB aggregate in November 2010.

The Arab awakening and Israel

CPGB members’ aggregate agrees theses, adopted in 2011

Fascism and the left

Adopted by a members’ aggregate in April 19 2008